Curry Munching

When you find a really good curry shop you will always patronise it wholeheartedly. Every Friday I would go to my favourite one and buy a Bunny Chow. A Bunny Chow is a quarter or half loaf of bread with the inside scooped out and filled with either beef or chicken curry, and the scooped out chunk placed on top. Pork was never used as it was considered unclean by the proprietor.

The  “Bunny” was a popular choice in the community, with a quarter loaf as a snack and a half loaf as a meal. Sometimes I would go for beef, other times chicken. You eat it by  dipping the chunk into the curry and eating it. When the chunk is finished you eat the remainder, round and round the crust. It’s a bit of a messy meal, with curry sauce dribbling down your chin, best eaten sitting forward to keep your clothes clean.

One Friday I arrived at lunchtime to buy my Bunny. The shop was shut and it had a Public Health proclamation stuck on the door. One of the locals was sitting on a bench nearby,so I asked him in patois “whyfor the shop she was shut? “. He said “The guvmint man he came motorbike check the meat, then plees  come take Babu away”

“Oh, the meat it was bad? ” I ask .” No, no, Babu he threw old meat out for the cat and the dog ” Oh, the cat and the dog they got sick?” No, no, when the cat and the dog eat the meat he hit them with stick. “Oh, he was cruel to the animals so they took him?” “No, no,  he keel them, with the dog he make beef, with the cat he make chicken.”



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