My day in court

Travelling down the high street I saw the traffic building up because of a crash. Although there is a sign prohibiting a Uturn I thought I would help prevent further traffic build, so I turned.

Two traffic officers pulled me over and issued a ticket. I tried to explain but they just shouted at me. Time passed and I forgot to pay for the fine and a summons to court was sent to me.

I went to court and waited for my case to be called. Some people put up excuses but had the book thrown at them. No way should I try to get out of it, so I wrote a letter to the judge and it went like this.

“Dear your Worshipful Honour my name is David and I tried to tell the cops I was trying to get out of the jam but they said no and gave me a ticket and I forgot and now I am here and I am very sorry your friend David ”

When they called for me I dropped the letter, then picked it up and gave it to the prosecutor. She passed it His Honour and he read it, then looked up at me and said “Did you write this yourself David?

I nodded vigorously and he said how do you plead? Unwilling to speak and get any deeper in I went” Awoo woo ahwoo ” He looked at me sternly but I just looked at the ground..

He told me to look at him and said” David, I have read your letter and although I see why you did it, but you may not break the law. However I will reduce the fine to ten pounds


All right, just go and pay your fine, next case!

I cannot break the law again, if I end up in his court and he recognises me I’ll have to go through the whole performance again, or shout out “It’s a miracle, I’m healed!”



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